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David Chang’s Trick for the Best Steamed Vegetables

If you’re cooking vegetables at home, these salts are the easiest way to add flavor.

We eat a lot of broccoli in our house, especially because my son likes to eat it so we have a lot on hand. We just steam it, and we add Tingly or Spicy—or even Savory and some lemon juice. You could do asparagus or cabbage or really any other vegetable you like, depending on what you have and what you want. These Seasoned Salts are an easy way to add flavor to whatever you are making.

Here are some approximations, but feel free to adjust based on what you have and what you like best. Be sure to tag us on Instagram with whatever vegetables you’re seasoning with our Seasoned Salts.

1–1½ pounds of broccoli, cabbage, asparagus—or other vegetable of your choice
3 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon Momofuku Seasoned Salt
½ tablespoon lemon juice (if using Savory Seasoned Salt)

Steam, boil, or microwave your vegetables until desired tenderness. (It’s about 3–4 minutes for broccoli.) Meanwhile, melt your butter on the stove or microwave and add your seasoned salt of choice. If using Savory Seasoned Salt, add in lemon juice.

Drain vegetables and drizzle with seasoned butter. Serve by finishing with more Seasoned Salt to taste.

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