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Late Night Pizza by NYC Neighborhood

Recommendations for where to grab a slice after midnight

Late night pizza may be the closest thing we get to transcendence. A holy trinity of cheese, sauce, and crust in the wee hours of the morning when all else feels and looks like the netherworld. Everyone has a favorite spot—and no one should be robbed of that. Here are a few ideas for even more prime late night pizza around town.

EAST VILLAGE | Vinny Vincenz | 231 1st Ave
Open until 4 am, Friday + Saturday
The best dollar slice in the city, bar none. It’s probably even better than slices that cost three times as much. It’s honestly worth it to stop by for a slice before work or going out and then head back for one at the end of the night.

CHELSEA | Lions & Tigers & Squares | 268 W 23rd St
Open until 3:30 am, nightly
They bake the individual-sized Detroit-style pies in these heavy duty cast iron pans and cut them into quarters. An entire cheese pizza is about $5, but the pepperoni is the one to get. They do the “roni cup” pepperoni, the ones that curl up when baked and get really crisp and greasy.

MIDTOWN | Upside Pizza | 598 8th Ave
Open until 2 am, Friday + Saturday
2 Bros. Pizza may be the cheapest, fastest pizza in New York. You might not have expected these same two bros to open a pizza place that makes fresh mozzarella in the basement every morning. They did. Upside Pizza uses the very best ingredients to make really incredible slices. There’s no garlic salt. You eat the pizza as-is.

PROSPECT HEIGHTS | Barboncino | 781 Franklin Ave
Open until 1 am, Friday + Saturday
Roberta’s is mobbed and also not open very late. Barboncino closes a little later and does similar Neapolitan-style pies. There are red and white sauce options—we opt for the house made meatball pie or the white pie with cremini and hot fennel sausage. The salads are also quite good, even if that violates the late-night slice theme.

HELL’S KITCHENThe Best Pizza | 748 9th Ave
If you find yourself out late in Hell’s Kitchen, this is the best pizza spot for what you need it to be: open late, filled with funny characters on their way home from a night out, and cheap. The pizza is actually really tasty too. There usually aren’t any slices of the “Grandma” pie left after 10 pm, but if there are, snag one (or three).

LOWER EAST SIDE | Scarr’s Pizza | 22 Orchard St
Open until 1 am, Friday + Saturday
Highly worth it for the hand-milled flour done daily in the basement. The result of all this hand-milling that happens is a slightly airier pizza. There are only five slices listed on the menu, so the play here is to go all-in on toppings, more specifically something in the realm of a ricotta-meatball-eggplant masterpiece.