Summer of Sheet Pans – Momofuku Peachy Keen
hot honey chicken sheet pan dinner

Summer of Sheet Pans

When it comes to summer, sheet pan dinners probably aren’t the first meals you think about. (Yes, they’ll involve turning on your oven.)

These easy meals are designed to cook fast—that means minimal oven time, and they’re full of all our favorite summer flavors: fresh tomatoes, ripe peaches, spicy seafood, and more. Plus, you won’t need to stock up on a variety of different seasonings and sauces—they all come together with just a few ingredients, thanks to our Momofuku Seasoned Salts, Chili Crunch, and Soy Sauce.

Sheet Pan Shrimp “Boil” with Sausage Meatballs and Spicy Corn Ribs

Sheet Pan Hot Honey Roasted Chicken & Summer Tomatoes 

Sheet Pan Tingly Meatballs with Charred Peaches and Summer Squash

Sheet Pan XL Burger with Special Sauce

Make sure you’re stocked up on our pantry items so you can make all these sheet pans.

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