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King Crab Feast
King Crab Feast

Notes on the King Crab Feast at Ssäm Bar

One crab, lots of different cooking methods

Chef Max Ng | Executive Chef, Ssäm Bar

Ssäm Bar is known for its family-style meals like the bo ssäm or whole rotisserie duck—big, fun meals that bring people together to celebrate. So when I was thinking of how to put my spin on the section, I knew I needed something in that vein. I’m from Singapore and when we want to celebrate, we eat crab. That’s how our new king crab large format was born.

When we started this process, it was a no-brainer to look to our friends at Regalis Foods for the king crab. We work with them for caviar and other products, and I’ve known their founder Ian since my days at Ko.

Regalis recently built a live seafood tank at their site, so we know the crabs there will be the very best for us. Sourcing from Regalis allows us to get the crabs day-of and present them to our guests at the table, which makes the evening even more fun.

For this meal, each part of the King Crab is prepared differently using a variety of cooking methods:

The legs are poached in a shio kombu butter, then grilled whole. We serve them with a few of our favorite accessories: brown butter dressing, yuzu kosho olive oil, Chinese white prune salt, horseradish remoulade, Singapore-style garlic chili sauce, and lemons and limes.

The crab body is steamed, then broken into chunks and batter-fried, before being coated in a salted duck yolk sauce with chilis and curry leaves. I made this based off a popular prep for crab and shrimp in Singapore.

The last course is the noodles, which are inspired by hokkien noodles my grandma used to make when I was young. This is the part of the meal that means the most to me. I throw in the crab knuckles and claws, alongside lots of vegetables, soy sauce, and of course, the noodles. It’s an old-school dish that isn’t made very frequently anymore, but it’s an extremely special one.

The king crab is a new large format from Ssäm Bar and serves 4 – 6 people. It features multiple courses that highlight the crab in a variety of different preparations drawing on Chef Max Ng’s Singaporean roots. One king crab meal will be offered nightly Monday – Wednesday. For reservations, visit