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Momofuku’s Guide to our Favorite Snacks

We love snacks. We eat them between service, during service, at our home base back when we were in the office, even at home. One of our favorite things about our pantry products is that they help us pack lots of flavor into some of our favorite snack foods. 

We compiled some of our easiest snack hacks that use our seasoned salts, chili crunch, and soy sauce and tamari. They’re all ready in minutes, and they are great for a party—or for a party of one. If you make them, tag us on Instagram, and if you have other snack hacks, let us know. 

Savory & Salty Umami Almonds | Made with our Momofuku Tamari and Savory Seasoned Salt, these almonds are one of our go-tos to have around the house or our restaurants. 

Whipped Lemon Ricotta Dip with Chili Crunch Drizzle | We used to serve this dish at Momofuku Nishi in New York City, and it’s become a favorite way for us to use chili crunch. 

David Chang’s Favorite Snack: Tingly Popcorn | We spent an afternoon in Dave’s kitchen, and this was the snack he made for us—freshly popped popcorn with lots of our Tingly Seasoned Salt.

Tingly Candied Cashews | If you have any of these left after snacking, then save them for salads, roasted sweet potatoes, and more. They’re sweet and tingly and all-around winners. 

Spicy Dried Mango | We used to have these at our homebase, and they’re one of the easiest hacks for transforming dried mango (or pineapple or apricots) into a perfect snack. 

Paul Carmichael’s Grilled Cheese with Chili Crunch | Paul used to make this for family meal at Má Pêche. We upped the flavor with the addition of chili crunch. 

Our snacks use all of our products—so be sure to snag a Pantry Starter Pack to be able to make them all at home. 

Pantry Starter Pack | Bring Momofuku flavor to your home kitchen with our pantry starter pack. Featuring our Savory, Tingly and Spicy Seasoned Salts, Soy Sauce, Tamari, and Chili Crunch, this pack will give you the tools to season, sauce, and spice up your favorite dishes.

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