Making Ko Bar’s Cold Fried Chicken – Momofuku Peachy Keen
Ko Bar Cold Fried Chicken

Making Ko Bar’s Cold Fried Chicken

The backstory of cold fried chicken

The Team at Momofuku Ko

People don’t always understand our cold fried chicken at Ko Bar. Why serve leftovers, they ask? We do it because to it’s delicious. This dish has been on the menu since we first opened the bar, and despite the fact that the process to make it each day is incredibly labor-intensive, it’s here to stay.

We fry our cold fried chicken four times. We batter it, fry it, batter it again, fry it again, batter it a third time–you get it. Four times. It creates a crispy lattice-work that stays crispy, even when served cold.

Ko Wings, Dry BatterKo Bar Fried Chicken BatterKo Bar Fried Chicken Glaze


The dry batter itself is very simple, just cornstarch and rice flour. We add beer for flavor and vodka because it evaporates more quickly than water and helps make the chicken crispier when it’s fried. After all the frying is finished, we dunk the chicken in a glaze of sugar, green tabasco, yuzu kosho, and white soy. It’s slightly sweet, slightly spicy. Then, it goes into the fridge until it comes out to your plate.

It’s like an ultimate late-night fridge raid that yields a perfect leftover fried chicken snack. Only, it isn’t leftovers―it’s made this way. We hope you enjoy.

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