David Chang Cooks in his Home Kitchen – Momofuku Peachy Keen

David Chang Cooks in his Home Kitchen

Join us in Dave’s home kitchen to cook through some easy recipes all featuring our Momofuku products. He makes everything from his go-to Korean stew to a weeknight microwave chicken. Check out the entire series and be sure to shop our Momofuku Pantry Pack so you’re ready to make all these recipes at home.

EPISODE 1 | Savory One-pot Korean Short Rib Stew – Dave shows us his hack for making short rib stew as fast and easy as possible. There’s no both, just water, short ribs, some vegetables, and most importantly: lots of savory seasoned salt throughout.

EPISODE 2 | Easy Weeknight Spicy Shrimp with Charred Onions – No matter what kind of shrimp you have—frozen shrimp, fresh shrimp, shell-on shrimp, etc.—you can make Dave’s extremely easy spicy shrimp in under 10 minutes at home. The key is Momofuku Spicy Seasoned Salt.

EPISODE 3 | 10-Minute Microwave Chicken with Tingly Vegetables – This is the dish Dave cooks at home at least three times a week—it’s done in under 10 minutes, and you can use just vegetables or toss in microwaved(!) chicken.

EPISODE 4 | The Best Steamed (or Roasted) Vegetables – If you roast or steam vegetables, our seasoned salts are the easiest way to add flavor.

EPISODE 5 | Savory Baked Chicken & Crispy Rice with Breakfast Sausage – This dish is a homage to a lot of different rice dishes. It starts with breakfast sausage, chicken, tomatoes, and mushrooms—just whatever you have in your refrigerator—plus thyme, a little sumac, a little chicken stock, and our Savory Seasoned Salt.

EPISODE 6 | Dave’s Favorite Snack: Tingly Popcorn – You can use any of the seasoned salts for this, but Tingly is the winner.


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